Our Licence

Under the Law of Vietnam, it is illegal to conduct an organized tour or recreational activity for profit on Vietnam territory without holding a tour operator licence. This applies to all tour operators and activity providers, whether they are one person operations or large companies.

A tour operator licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake the travel service and activity. Especially, when such individual or company is dealing with foreign customers, an International Tour Operator Licence is a recognition that the operations comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market. As public concern grows about the impacts of scam traveling and tourism, an International Tour Operator Licence provides a credible standard to protect customers and operators’ benefits.

To be eligible for this International Tour Operator Licence, we must:

  • have adequate public liability insurance with an insurer approved by the agency.
  • ensure all of our tour guides have the latest guiding qualification (minimum standard requirements on language and knowledge skill).
  • ensure procedures / services / tour programs etc. are in place to minimize the risk of potential hazards to clients.
  • make a deposit at our own account at Vietnam State Bank with a value of 12,500 USD in the certificate duration to ensure such Licence holder’s obligation and responsibility to services provided.
  • bear in mind all the time that any failure to do such shall be investigated and withdrawn the certification immediately.

We, at Hana Tourist, proudly display here our International Tour Operator Licence and the certifying body that issued it. By doing that, Hana Tourist informs our customers and to our supply chain — that our business is operated with sound management that looks to the future and not merely at today. We seek confirmation that sustainability practices are in place. Going with us, our luxury travelers, as well as regular travelers, shall be free from stressing and headache of low-quality servicing. Hana Tourist commits that our staffs, tour guides, drivers, etc. are licensed personnel who are offering you the safety and unforgettable moments.

With us, traveling is not just a job, it is a passion.

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