There are over 200 million websites out there on Google offering similar things about Vietnam Visa. However, are you sure they are all 100% safe & secure once handing them your passports or leave your entry visas to them? Being a licensed travel agent and a member of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, a body set up to protect our clients in case of emergency, we are confident to deal with all normal or urgent Vietnam Visa services. Even if you don’t ask us to cover such services for you, this is a question you should always ask.


If you are planning to arrive in Vietnam on an international flight, landing at either Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, or Nha Trang airports, a legitimate alternative to obtaining a full visa stamp from the Vietnamese Embassy, in your own or another country, is to opt for a very simple and much cheaper, visa on arrival (VOA). Once issued, this visa is exactly the same as a visa issued by any Vietnamese embassy/consulate, with the same limitations and conditions attached to its use.

Once the VOA paperwork is sent to you, simply print it out, and just present it at the VOA counter when you land at those mentioned international airports (along with your passport and 2 Photos of 4x6cm (Passport size)). Upon payment of a visa processing fee at the airport (directly to the customs officials), you will receive your passport back with an official visa affixed.

A. How to apply for a VOA:

– Contact us by any of your desired methods of communication to provide personal details
– Process the payment
– Once the payment is received by us, the VOA will be sent to you after 2 or 3 working days.

B. We shall need the following information to process the VOA:
1. Your full name (it is required to be the same as shown on your passport)
2. Gender
3. Present nationality
4. Date of birth
5. Passport number
7. Passport expiry date
8. Proposed date of arrival (this is the date you want your visa to start from. The start date of the visa itself will be the day you arrive – you may enter Vietnam at a later date (up to your exit date) but not before that date, so be sure to take time zone differences into account)
9. Airport of arrival (either Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, or Nha Trang airports – The approval letter is valid at any of the four named airports but cannot be used at any land border crossing).

10. Purpose of visit
11. Type of Vietnam visa: 1 or 3-month single/multiple entry visa

C. The processing fee for the VOA shall be as follows:

Cost/passportNORMAL PROCESSING(3 working days)URGENT PROCESSING(1 working day)
Single entry, 1 monthUpdatingUpdating
Single entry, 3 monthsUpdatingUpdating
Multiple entries, 3 monthsUpdatingUpdating

*Note: Please contact us directly in case of any change in the quoted prices.

If you have children traveling with you and they have their own passports, you will be required to apply and pay the same fees as if they were an adult.


Extending a visa is no longer the simple process it once was. The rules have changed somewhat, so if you are thinking about extending your stay it would be wise to make inquiries in good time. It is certainly not something that should be left to the last minute. Prices vary based on your nationality and specific term of visa duration.
Please contact us to ensure you have the latest information regarding your travel documents.

Additional Notes:
Citizens of some countries do not need a visa for short visits – for how this might affect your travel arrangements and the documents you will require, check with our agent or with a Vietnamese Consulate/Embassy in your own country for further information.

Welcome to Việt Nam!

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