What's the difference between Group and Private Tours

You can join a group tour already on our calendar or add one at any time. We do need a minimum number of participants to run these tours. A private can be scheduled for your party at any time that suits you, there is no minimum and the time and restrictions are much looser.
The price of our group tours are per person. Private tours are a flat fee for a maximum of 5-8 people. Even if there is only 1 person on the tour, the flat fee is the same.
Our group tours are designed and mapped out in advance and they cannot be altered by individual participants. Instead, our private tours can be customized for your party before or even during the walk. As your party is the only client, there is much more freedom for altering the itinerary.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

For most of our services we need at least 48 hour- advance notice, at which time we refund 85% of the original purchase price. You will find the specific policy for each service listed along with its description on the website, and in your confirmation. Items cancelled within the 48-hour before the tour are considered no-shows and are un-refundable.